Unfortunately, Snails is a second story venue and the only access is via a set of stairs. This page serves to provide some pictures and information about the stairs so that those with mobility limitations can assess the suitability without coming to site.

The entrance to Snails has three large concrete steps from the footpath as pictured below:

The upstairs portion of Snails requires surmounting three lots of stairs with large landings between them as pictured below:

The stairs do have a large study balustrade and hand rail the whole way up:

Our bathrooms (located upstairs) are narrow cubical style and would require a full 180 degree transfer to be able to utilise. Basins are wall mounted with reasonable space below to be able to wheel underneath.

Once upstairs all publically accessible areas are on hardwood floors without any mentionable lips or thresholds other than in to the external courtyard (no exhibits or performances occur in this space).