Kirsty Porter

In 2021 Kirsty received funding from the Earle Trust for a project called Shifting Ground, a year long activation of art centred around Activism.     The project intends to blur the boundaries of traditional art practice and explore ways that art can be used subversively or otherwise to challenge people to think about the ideas of social change.  

Shifting Ground is a suite of projects that casts a net into the community to amplify the voices of those pushing for change. 

Its Getting Hot in here

Its getting hot in here are a series of hand painted faces on paper pasted onto public facing walls.  The faces are hot, bothered, melting, sweating, affected by the weather.   They are you, they are me, they are reminders of our children who will be affected, and of the many people around the globe who are already affected by the Climate and Ecological Crisis.   

Lets Love Cycling 

Let’s Love Cycling is a hands on collaborative workshop facilitated by Kirsty for creatives who would like to contribute to art based projects for climate action. These three sessions are centred around the kaupapa of raising the profile of cycling in our city with the hopes of getting more people out of cars and onto bikes. 

Workshops are on Monday 19th June, Monday 2nd August and Monday 16th August from 7pm @ Snails. 

I’d Like to invite you to be part of the weather

I’d like to invite you to take part in the weather is a collaborative art project that posits the situation that we can’t attend the COP, where global leaders are discussing the future of life on the planet, and asks the question what creative responses can we have and make right here in our community in regards to the Climate Crisis. The event is occuring at the same time as COP26 and intends to see multiple creative disciplines working together to make, perform, participate and view new art from a range of local creatives. 

This is what Change Looks like 

This is what change looks like is a series of paintings developed over the year with the starting point being a screenshot from activists from various disciplines.   The work will move beyond the original image evoking a sense of morphing and changing.   The paint is inspired by geology, by the resilience of land to change form when under strain.   The images are sourced from social media, the internet and from my own photographs.